4 Ways Blockchain can improve the lives of People in developing Countries

Blockchain And Its Impact On The Developing Nations

00:00 intro
00:42 Blockchain can change the world
01:29 The impact of blockchain based elections to prevent fraud and improve democracy
02:47 Improving the supply chain for agriculture
04:06 Immunization and reducing the wastage rate of vaccines
05:25 Alternative and hedge to fiat currency due to hyperinflation

The Impact of Blockchain on developing nations
In this video I will take a step back and look at how Blockchain can help developing countries improve in areas such as democracy , supply chain management, immunization as a replacement to the local fiat currency.

Maybe you If you are interested in Blockchain and want to how this technology can improve the lives of people living in developing country then this video is definitely for you.
Hopefully with this video you will understand why I am so passionate about the technology as I believe it will improve many peoples lives.

Since I do not want to waste your time I will post timestamps to the key parts in the video in the description below.
The main reason why I say blockchain technology can change the world is because it has a huge potential to improve the economy of developing nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and many other countries that are densely populated with population soaring as high as 2 Billion.

Even though the penetration of blockchain technology in developed countries like the US, Australia, Switzerland and Japan is still very low it is way more than that of developing countries.
In my opinion, developing nations can benefit from blockchain technology the most compared to developing nations.
let’s get down to the direct impacts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on the developing economies of the world.

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