Anonymous message to you about Bitcoin [Anonymous]

Bitcoin and other Currencies its will change the future of the world
and the market to big Disaster unless if every one know that each of these
digital currencies its in the end program and bunch of numbers and even its
use blockchain that does not mean its very secure not to forget
the price change in unexpected ways with big gaps too
We want freedom but thats cant happened if we start act without know the truth
behind what we use
also we have to remember the meaning of money
so lets ask our self why you pay for someone and lets called it provider for somekind of service ?
that because that someone give you something you needed,help you or you wanted
and the value thats you pay what ever type its cash or digital its just accepted
by the someone and that someone its human like you
so the money its what have been accepted as thanks so we actually thanks eachother
every time we give money so the money what ever type its what accepted
by you so we decide our freedom to what to choose to accept and no one can say no
and as long we keep that in our mind then the Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies its will change the future of the world
and the market to our choice … our freedom
So the choice in your hand

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