Buying Bitcoin, XRP, BCH, ETH, LTC using Luno Malaysia

Usually people pay to learn this but I’m sharing this for free. I’m not charging but would appreciate if you share this with your friends who are interested to use Luno as their cryptocurrency trading/investing platform!
01:30 How to deposit and withdraw Money
03:35 How to use the explore Button
04:45 What’s the usage of Verification & Exchange
06:02 How to invite your friends & earn RM25 at the same time
07:20 How to read your charts
16:55 How to save money using exchange compared to instant buy or sell.

Bagaimana untuk register di Luno? Senang Sahaja, click dan create account anda di sini:
Jangan lupa untuk gunakan code “J7NBDR” untuk mendapatkan RM25 selepas anda membeli RM250 Bitcoin melalui luno.

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