Cathie Wood : Bitcoin Crash? What’s next for Elon Musk, great interview.

Bitcoin crash – if you are involved in the highly volatile crypto market – is a familiar term. Since May 2022, every crypto investor is talking about how the topmost cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), is drastically falling down in the crypto market. It is known for hitting US$68k in November 2021 and now it is struggling to be at US$20k. The bitcoin crash has led the cryptocurrency price to reach US$17k in June 2022. Nevertheless, BTC has started carrying a bear flag to give some hope to crypto wallets. But it has been speculated that Bitcoin will hit hard and plummet more than ever in 2022. Thus, the Bitcoin crash is going viral in the global financial market with the thin air of yielding a profit for long-term investors and thick air for buying the dips strategy.

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