Crypto Education: Synthetic Assets Explained | Animation | Cryptomatics

In this video, we will explain what synthetic assets are, how they are used in crypto, and why they are important.
Synthetic assets are a blend of assets with the same value as another asset. In a traditional sense, they mix some derivative products, like call options, and futures, that replicate an underlying asset, such as stocks, or bonds.

The goal of crypto-based synthetic assets is to offer you exposure to various assets without having to actually hold the underlying ones, be it gold, index funds, or the euro.

Crypto synthetic assets come with all of the benefits of decentralization since they are available to all users thanks to secured smart contracts.

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0:00 Intro
0:11 What Are Synthetic Assets?
0:51 How Are Synthetic Assets Used in Crypto?
1:35 Why Are Crypto Synthetic Assets Important?
2:06 What Types of Synthetic Assets Are There?
3:10 Conclusions
3:47 Outro


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