Crypto For Coinbase Vs Robinhood! Best Crypto To Buy In 2021! Buy The Bitcoin Dip?

Coinbase Vs Robinhood! Best Crypto To Buy In 2021! Buy The Bitcoin Dip?

If you want a more recent update because I did so my video on Sunday I put a Monday update at the end of the video so make sure you watch the entire video to get this recent drop in crypto price that we have been seeing! You guys have been asking for a crypto for a while now and Here I am making it for you so go ahead and leave a thumbs up if you did learn something new from this video or enjoyed it and share it with a friend also it really helps me out thank you!

Today, more than 35 million people in over 100 countries trust Coinbase to buy, sell, store, use and earn cryptocurrency.

Robinhood has scaled up to 13 million users, it has started to generate significant amounts from the practice.

If you need more help DM me to get on my waitlist for my training program this is what it includes

90 Day Stock Transformation course

– Learn technical analysis, value and growth investing! How to read a balance sheet and income statements, Cash flow, Stats, P/E ratios, how to read graphs and charts and much much more ! Dividends, compounded interest, ETFs, options, price alerts and ill tell you what to set your price alerts at!

Close friends benefits
– See exactly what I buy and sell and when! Be in the loop when I buy and Sell stocks so you can trade with me
– Access to all my watch lists!
– Price alerts 🚨 on stocks!
– Morning update, mid market updates and post market updates
– Buy and sell alerts on stocks!
– Stocks im watching and full analysis and deep dives
– Exclusive stories with premium info that I dont post on my regular story (WAY better info, something you can learn everyday!)

Unlimited access to me
– You can DM me with stocks your looking at and ill run the technical analysis and a deep dive together the goal is to teach you what to look for so you can do it yourself but I will correct you if I see you are doing something wrong or not making the best decision! Before investing in a company you want to make sure you make a sound investment!
– If there is something your not understanding I will personally take time out for you to explain it and even make a video just for you if necessary
– Technical support anytime
– Profile Rebalance and full analysis on all stocks your currently in


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