CryptoTab Browser Mining Review – Mine Bitcoin from your Phone or PC!

CryptoTab is a free Chrome-based browser for Android, iOS and Windows that lets you mine Bitcoin.I’ve been running it for nearly a week now and I’ve put together my results to see whether this is a profitable venture or not. More details on my setup are below. Note that I’ve paid extra for the Cloud Boost function but you don’t need to do this in order to mine.

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Note that you don’t need to use multiple phones or even leave your screen on for the cloud mining to work – I’m just doing it to maximise earnings. You do however need to activate the app every 3 hours which is where my automation routine comes in to play…

00:00 Intro
01:00 PC Version
03:08 Earnings
04:03 My Setup
05:05 Cloud Boost
06:03 Apps required
06:31 Clickmate example
09:37 Automated mining
11:19 Power usage
12:49 Potential profit
14:55 Can you make profit?
15:54 Referral scheme
16:37 NFT Mining
17:33 Final Thoughts

Keep Screen On:
Black Screen:

My Clickmate combined recording setup is as follows:

Clear all apps from memory (switch tasks in Android)
Load CryptoTab and make sure you’re on the Dashboard screen
Press the “Turn On” button to start mining
Slide to start mining (mine is repeating 5 times)
Start up the Black Screen app to save the screen from burning (works on AMOLED screens)
Wait for 181 minutes (I did a record of 60s without pressing or doing anything)
Repeat = 0 to repeat all the above indefinitely.

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