Essential Cryptocurrency Investing Tips

Beginner cryptocurrency tips! These are things you should know when investing cryptocurrency because you need to know what you’re investing in. Here’s some things I’ve learned:

00:00 How to invest in cryptocurrency
00:31 How to research a coin and avoid scams
04:00 Dollar cost averaging in/out of investments
04:56 How to understand coin price
06:16 CEO appearance is important
07:15 Don’t trust what the coin says it does
08:38 Don’t trust YouTubers (even me)
10:32 Don’t trust people in the comments
11:10 There’s no easy money (obvious lesson)
11:53 The Sunk Cost Fallacy
12:44 Don’t FOMO/YOLO into investments
13:48 Create Profit Taking plan

Interview with “In it for the money”:

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