How #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrencies are challenging the global economy?

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How #Bitcoin and #cryptocurrencies are challenging the global economy?

Let me show you a new world of financial freedom..and no I am not selling anything…rather doing you a favour …

“The day you started earning and spending money is the day you began repeatedly handing over slices of that money to [financial intermediaries, especially banks and credit card companies], often adding up to millions of dollars over a single person’s lifetime. “

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MONET is an AI-integrated blockchain project, disrupting & evolving healthcare.

Millions of people die every year, due to misdiagnosis or missed-diagnosis of medical conditions, globally. At MONET, we are building a decentralised platform connecting patients seeking 2nd opinion on their initial diagnosis with consultative healthcare practitioners. The platform called MONET DAPP will be powered by blockchain & AI technologies, & fulled by ORB tokens.

This is one of the most ambitious projects you may have come across, as we aim to save millions of lives, globally. At MONET, we envision to #stopthesilentmisdiagnosis

Project MONET detailed:
Project MONET in 60 sec:



ORB is MONET’s native cryptocurrency. By investing into cryptos such as ORB, you are tapping into market worth$139 bn. Not only that, by buying ORB, you would be contributing towards developing a platform that is build to #stopthesilentmisdiagnosis, aiming to save millions of lives across the globe.
IEO Token sale starts: 20.01.20 with LATOKEN

What is ORB:
Tokenomics of ORB:



We are crypto-enthusiasts contributing towards building the global crypto-economy.

We are official YT channel for MONET BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT – Connecting Patients with Consultative Healthcare Practitioners in a niche use-case

Powered by blockchain technology, AI integrated, and fuelled by ORB tokens, MONET DAPP connects patients seeking 2nd opinion on their initial diagnosis with consultants/specialists doctors, globally.

Offering a secure, cost-effective & transparent system, patients can upload their diagnostic reports ensuring data security & fast speed of transactions. At the core of technology, project aspires to offer an innovative disruptive idea within the ICT space.

The platform enables efficient sharing and exchange of information with stakeholders (patient, healthcare practitioners, investors, and wider community) while ensuring data integrity and protecting patients’ data security and confidentiality.


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