How Did Reddit Come Up With MOONs? [r/Cryptocurrency Mod Explains]

r/Cryptocurrency moderator Justin Ehrenhofer explains how Reddit approached mods to launch the MOONs token project. Reddit MOONs are an initiative and experiment in decentralized social media with crypto rewards.


Justin Ehrenhofer is a part of the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit moderator team on Reddit. r/Cryptocurrency is the biggest crypto community online, with over three million users.

He’s also a Monero Community Organizer and participates in several Monero initiatives through podcasting, helping grant programs such as MAGIC, and is cryptocurrency compliance professional. Justin is a board member and President of the Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC), a Colorado initiative.

MAGIC is a nonprofit that supports cryptocurrency grants and activities in education, scientific research, and the maintenance of public payment infrastructure. You can learn more about it at

You can connect to Justin on Twitter, his handle is @JEhrenhofer.
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