💰How To Buy Crypto Using Fiat (SGD) 2022 | Cheap & Fast Within 15 min, Best Rate too!

2022 Guide, How to buy crypto using SGD quickly with CryptoCom!
You can start buying Doge / ShibaInu and hope you become the next doge/shiba millionaire
No Financial advise LOL
Please use playback speed 0.75x, if you think it’s too fast, if my accent is too thicc then i’m sorry you gotta try enabling CC 😀

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💰Limitation On StraitsX “Xfers”

💰Check the rates out yourself, I didn’t Inspect element to click bait you lol

00:00 Intro
01:02 Types Of Cashing Into Crypto?
01:40 Requirements
02:40 Limitations
06:19 Linking StraitsX “xfers” with CryptoCom
07:58 Type 1 How To Buy Crypto Using CDC
10:55 Type 2 Other Trading Pairs
18:59 Comparing the rates around!
23:32 Scam Alert!
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