How to Buy XRP on the UpHold App

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Today we’re going to talk about how to get XRP. XRP has been off. you know Coinbase, voyager, most of the main places you can get cryptocurrency. So where can we get it? Since XRP was hit with the lawsuit by the SEC, that has now been dropped, you can still not buy these coins, because they’ve been unsupported by Coinbase and Voyager, and all these good ones that we tend to use. So what do we have to do to get this coin? What we’re going to do is, we’re going to use the app UpHold. UpHold is going to give us the ability to get the XRP coin.

XRP has previously been to an all-time high of three dollars and fifty cents. It’s hanging around a dollar seventy dollar ninety somewhere around there right now, but we’re expecting it to go up and even up beyond that. One of the cool things about XRP is banks like to use it to send large large amounts of money back and forth. So we want to keep that in mind that XRP is a coin it’s not just a [ __ ] coin, right? It’s not just an altcoin. It’s a possible bitcoin type coin.

Uphold’s a pretty cool app. It’s got a lot of different coins. There’s a lot of coins you can get from here. All right keep an eye on my crypto alerts and a new video coming out on how to buy [ __ ] rocket. A hot new coin coming out for porn nfts below one cent right now. So keep that in mind, like and subscribe guys I’m Take Profit Trader. Have a good night and money, money, money. Catch you guys later, peace.

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