How To Make Money By Mining Bitcoin

So for this video, I decided to move away from trading bitcoin and talk more about how to make money by mining bitcoin. ( basically using your computer, to run some software and pay you, to process cryptocurrency transactions.

1. Basic Idea of How Mining Bitcoin Works
– Is a non regulated cryptocurrency, that over the past few years has gotten very popular

– and has made a few people millionaires, but has also made a bigger part of them lose a lot of money

– It got to the point that back in 2017 some people borrowed money to buy bitcoin and when it exploded at almost 20k, people thought it would go up higher * but then it crashed, along with a lot of hopes and dreams*
( imagine people playing the literary life, but getting a second mortgage to see if they could win)

But Mining Bitcoin is a little different:
– Since bitcoin is not regulated, people run Software on their computer to help process all the bitcoin transaction which are then created in blockchain
– And in return for this work, those people get paid in bitcoin

– In 2011, a man reported being able to mine a bitcoin a day, with a computer worth 800 bucks
– So if he saved all those coins for an entire year, today he would be worth around 3.6 Million
– But recent videos of 2017 show, that people were making closer to 35 to 40 Dollars per day

Tip: So obviously the game has changed.

2. The cost Mining bitcoin
– Think about it like renting your computer processing power and getting paid to just keep your computer running
– So the more powerful your hardware the more work you can do and the more money/bitcoin you can make
– However also remember that there are thousands of cryptocurrency, so you can Mine others not just bitcoin.

Actual Cost:
– Software: You can download ( which is the software you need to run to actually mine bitcoin, and other currencies and its free) – All you’ll need is an address so get a bitcoin wallet and get started
– Standard GPU: that can be $400 -5k
– Or an Asic Dedicated Bitcoin mining hardware: 1k and up
( the more processing power you are, the more you can make, but also the more expensive it gets)

– And as bitcoin keeps fluctuating, the amount of money you get will also fluctuate ( but your electricity bill will still be the same)

– Electricity cost

3. The profits of mining bitcoin
– In 2015, some bitcoin farms got up to 100 bitcoins per day: but their electricity bill was around 80k per month
– And some small timers up 1 per day
– However today in 2020, obviously the computing power needed is a lot more different and a lot more difficult

Here are my Number:

4. My final thoughts
– Right now there are 18.5 million bitcoin in the market with a cap of 21 million that should be reached by 2140
– When that happens if it happens ( bitcoin will have to either change the way it operates)
– Or give the minner another incentive by collecting fees

– But either way, the speculation of bitcoin has not changed, and there are 1000 cryptocurrencies, will it overtake the dollar, I think regulation is needed with everything.


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