How To Sell Reddit Moons (EASY) | r/CryptoCurrency | MoonsSwap

Part 1: (You can watch this to understand MOONS a little better)

This video talks about what MOONS are and how you can sell your MOONS with just one simple step using a website called MoonsSwap

Use this link to buy and sell your MOONS –

0:00 Intro
0:10 Reddit Community Points (RCPs)
1:41 Why RCPs Exist
2:46 Cashing Out On RCPs
3:26 Post Intro
3:55 What is MoonsSwap
5:32 Opening Your Reddit Vault
7:06 Buying Moons
9:13 Selling Moons
10:45 Adding The Arbitrum Network
12:12 Viewing Your Reddit Vault on Metamask
13:00 Moons Dust
13:55 Outro

Some additional resources!
MoonsDust –

Arbitrum network
Network name: Arbitrum
Chain ID: 5391184
Block Explorer URL (optional):

Token Contract Address: 0x138fAFa28a05A38f4d2658b12b0971221A7d5728
Token Symbol: MOON
Token Decimal: 18

Token Contract Address: 0x6cA5FAc496bf94345958635E6e6171Dfe78f36bb
Token Symbol: MOOND
Token Decimal: 18

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