How To Track All Your Investments (Stocks & Crypto)

In this video, I will show you the best and easiest way to track all your investments and portfolios into one easy overview dashboard.

Using Yahoo Finance Portfolio overview, you can add all your Stocks, ETF’s & Crypto investments to it. Every time you buy and sell any of those you just quickly update it either on the website or app and it syncs across all your devices. Best of all, it’s free and super simple to use. Just register on their website and you are good to go.

You can export all previous trades from all your brokers and exchanges and then just import them into your portfolio summary of Yahoo Finance.

The notes feature is particularly handy as it can help you keep track of which broker or exchange you bought your investments from. If you live in the US you can even link your broker so it automatically ads any new investment to your portfolio.

I use it both on desktop and on the go on my phone as their app is outstanding, it even has a widget which I have on my iPhone so I can always see what is happening across all my investments at a glance.

This is a much better option than Google Sheets, Excel, or others and I can’t recommend it enough. Just get in the habit to record every transaction, buy or sell and you will quickly have a much better understanding of how your portfolio is doing, get better insights and learn from it to become a better investor in the long term.

Links mentioned in the video:

1. Google Sheet
2. Portfolio Performance
3. Yahoo Finance


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00:00 Intro
00:58 Google Sheets Stock Tracker
01:30 Portfolio Performance Stock Tracker
02:23 Coinbase Portfolio Overview
03:27 Yahoo Finance Portfolio Tracker
04:44 Add a new Portfolio
05:06 Add Stocks to your Portfolio
07:20 Add Crypto to your Portfolio
09:46 Import & Export your Portfolio
11:25 Yahoo Finance Mobile App to track your Portfolio


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