I invested $100 in Bitcoin every Month for a year! Here are the results with price predictions!

I invested $100 in Bitcoin every Month for a year! Here are the results with price predictions!
Here we talk about the crypto market, stock market, and the best stocks to buy now!

What Would Happen If You Bought $100 of Bitcoin Every Month For a Year?
We aren’t talking many years here just 12 months. In the long-term what can happen. Today I want to show you want the net result is to emphasize dollar cost averaging. Yeah there are a lot of caveats to it but just bear with me. I don’t buy too much in crypto overall. It’s partially a lack of interest and partially because I do enjoy other asset classes suck as equities. Now I do have about 6-8% of my net worth in crypto and over the next few years may get closer to 10%. The first time I bought cryptocurrency was probably in December 2017. It was a craze that I didn’t fully understand. I remember joining online reddit threads and seeing news articles that just spoke about BTC, ETH and other coins like Litecoin.

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