InsurAce (INSUR) Crypto Review: How to buy DeFi Insurance & Earn high APY yields

InsurAce $INSUR token & protocol review. Learn how Insurance works in DeFi crypto, difference between InsurAce and Nexus Mutual, how to earn high apy yields through underwriting risks and how to buy insurance and protect your crypto assets from smart contract hacks.

InsurAce provides insurance coverage for DeFi protocols against smart contract vulnerabilities, bugs, hacks, exploits etc.

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⏱ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
00:38 Biggest risk of investing in crypto
01:25 List of DeFi protocols that got exploited
02:38 Insurance Landscape in DeFi
04:31 Difference between InsurAce and Nexus Mutual
06:07 Specific vs Portfolio-based cover
08:01 Role of underwriters in Insurance
10:57 Team background & Seed Investors of InsurAce
13:14 How to participate in InsurAce ecosystem?
13:55 Risks & Rewards of Underwriters
15:10 Growth catalysts for InsurAce
17:05 Walkthrough Demo on how to buy/underwrite Insurance covers
21:35 Summary

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*Both of you will get $INSUR rewards amount to 5% of the premium for the covers purchased.

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