Intro to Staking Rewards – Earn Passive Income with Crypto

We are exploring ways how to utilize the trend towards productive crypto assets.

My final words got cut off in the video…so here we go: Happy Staking!

This year alone there are over 20 multi-billion Dollar networks launching their mainnet. Almost every new network is utilizing the benfits that come along Proof of Stake.

Right now there are already 109 assets which generate over $150 million dollar rewards per year. With Ethereum 2.0 , Polkadot and Cardano, just to name a few of them i expect this annual rewards value to skyrocket in the coming months.

In Proof of Stake Networks almost everybody can easily participate in consensus and help to secure the network and earn rewards for doing so.
With this low friction to participate you can hedge against inflation and capture the economic value provided by these networks. So as a participant you are directly benefitting from the utilization of the network. Transaction Fees are distributed to stakers.

Staking Rewards provides independent information and research to all passive income opportunities with regard to digital assets. They are curating knowledge and data to build a healthy staking and defi ecosystem. Staking Rewards’ core focus are Proof-of-Stake Protocols which enable passive returns through staking. They also cover Masternode Coins, Dividend Tokens and Lending Protocols.

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