On & Off Ramps | Getting in and out of the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem | Interaxis.io

On & Off Ramps | Getting in and out of the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem | Interaxis.io
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We are in the early days of Decentralized Finance. Bitcoin got us started, and Ethereum has taken the baton and run with it. Now there are talented, brilliant thinkers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure to make the global financial system less costly and more open.

As we continue to build on top of the infrastructure, making digital assets more usable, safer, and easier, we will start to see the less technical users who are not crypto enthusiasts. You will need some easy explanation of the systems and technology you are trusting with your money.
We understand…it’s not every day that the entire financial system changes. This is the equivalent of going from radio to television.

We’re here to try to take the technical and make it approachable. We want a comfortable transition to this new financial ecosystem.

We bring our financial background and ability to understand and explain complex financial topics, and couple that with our enthusiasm for the opportunities afforded us by a more decentralized system.

We will produce videos and articles, and research and educate. Our goal is to help you integrate your finances with the new decentralized infrastructure in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Please, enjoy the information. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions. Hit us up on social media. Invite us to come to your office or group. Ask us how your business, or even just an idea you have, might integrate with the decentralized finance ecosystem.

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