Pundi X Review: Complete NPXS Overview

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► Website: https://pundix.com/
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► PundiX Staking Guide: https://medium.com/pundix/a-guide-to-staking-npxs-npxsxem-for-f-x-tokens-771b82266941


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► Official Blog: https://blog.pundix.com/
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/PundiXLabs
► Telegram: https://t.me/Pundix
► YouTube: https://t.me/Pundix


📝 Project Overview 📝

Pundi X is a project that is trying to tackle the problem of crypto adoption. It plans on doing this by bringing its payment ecosystem to the merchants and shops we use on a daily basis.

It plans to do so with three pieces of technology that work together: card payments, mobile wallets, and the Pundi X Open platform.

⚙️ Technology ⚙️

The XPass card was developed so that anyone who prefers to use a card, can do so.

The card will work seamlessly with the Pundi X mobile app and wallet, enabling deposits and payments via card. When payments are made, the necessary funds are pulled from the mobile wallet.

The wallet will support multiple cryptocurrencies, so users can pay with the digital currency that provides the best value.

The XWallet is the PundiX mobile wallet that will work with the card. It integrates into the Pundi X ecosystem, which means you can manage your digital coins, check your balance, or add funds as needed.

XWallet also comes with a unique username and password feature for security purposes. You will also have a virtual Xpass wallet in case you lose your physical one.

XPOS is the merchant solution for PundiX. This will then allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies from the Xpass card or Wallet. It is crypto neutral so that people can make payments in a cryptocurrency that they prefer.

💰️ Token 💰

The Native token behind the PundiX platform is the NPXS token which is an ERC20 token. This token is used by developers to publish applications and by merchants as a way to settle payments that occur within the application itself.

The NPXS ICO took place in January of 2018 and realized their target of $35 million in only 90 minutes. There are currently a little over 234 billion NPXS tokens in circulation with a total supply of just under 260 billion.

NPXS is also a stakable cryptocurrency which means that you can earn crypto by keeping keeping it in a wallet.

👨‍💻️ Team, Partners & Development 👨‍💻

The founder and CEO of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, spent 12 years in the mobile and browser gaming market prior to starting the project.

For the most part, the team does its business in Jakarta, with a research team that works in Shenzen. The team also has offices in Sao Paulo, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore.

For development, Pundi X is looking for continued merchant expansion and activation of the XPOS system, development of the XPOS platform, beta testing with third-party merchants, along with building support for a new blockchain with XWallet.

📈 Trading & Wallets 📈

NPXS is listed on a number of exchanges including Binance, HotBit, Bittrex, Huobi etc.

In total, the token does just over $1 million a day in daily volume which could be considered reasonable for an altcoin of this size. The bulk of the volume is being done on Binance and you can trade it against Tether, ETH, and USDC.

Liquidity for NPXS on exchanges such as Binance are average with decent turnover levels and reasonable bid ask spreads.

Given that this is an ERC20 token, you can store it in any Etheruem compatible wallet such as a hardware wallet.

Although, in order to get the most out of the cryptocurrency you are best suited to keep your crypto in their official XWallet.


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