Robinhood crypto buying power error that makes cryptotrading very inconvenient! You need to watch it

Let’s talk about Robinhood Crypto buying power error. So apparently the new system of buying power on the Robinhood platform is really bad. It seems that lots of people wanted to trade cryptocurrencies on the weekend, but instead of just making a deposit and starting trading, they faced crypto buying power error.
The thing is that in order to start trading crypto, you need to wait up to 3 days, which makes crypto trading on Robinhood very inconvenient.
So sorry but it only could be fixed if you just wait until buying power would be implemented on your balance!
Please write in the comments if you also faced that problem on Robinhood! Also tell what cryptocurrencies you’re buying right now! I’m just curious!
Anyway, thanks for watching, for smashing a like button under the video and goodbye to you all!

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