Seed Phrase, Passphrase, Pin & Password. What are they & how do the keep your Crypto wallet secure?

This video takes a quick look at a number different parts of your hardware wallet that work together to keep your crypto secure. This applies to both hardware and software wallets… (Ledger Nano, Trezor, Keepkey, Coldcard, MyEtherwallet, etc)

1) You seed phrase (recovery phrase, mnemonic, recovery sentence)
2) Your Passphrase, if you have one (25th Word, Hidden Wallet, seed extension, extra word)
3) Your device PIN
4) Your wallet password

Also, if you are stuck trying to find your finds, a source of info about derivation paths can be found @ WalletsRecovery:


If you are new to Crypto, my suggestion is that you start with buying ~$150 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin @ Coinbase and get familiar with storing it, moving it around, etc.

For your first purcahse, just stick with CoinBase:

For Trading, just start with Binance:

By sticking with large, reputable exchanges for your first purchase (Coinbase) and first trade (Binance) you can avoid getting scammed right at the start by purchasing a non-existing coin off a scammy exchange. (You would be surprised how many people fall into this trap)

Don’t have a hardware wallet?
Be safe and buy them direct from the manufacturer. (Not just through some random on eBay, Amazon, etc)
Get a Ledger:
(If you are just starting out, I would just recommend a Ledger Nano S)

If this was helpful, feel free to send me a tip:
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