Trust Wallet Cryptocurrency Staking Rewards Update | Does it work?

In this cryptocurrency video, I do an update on my Trust Wallet cryptocurrency Stake rewards. And show if staking BNB or other cryptos actually works in the Trust Wallet. Staking crypto is a great way to earn passive rewards, but you need to stake a fair amount to have it be really noticeable what you are earning. And you have to know where to look to see your rewards. In the case of the Trust Wallet, the staking rewards shows up in the available amount balance, not the staked amount. In this video, I show that I have roughly 3.1 BNB staked, and in 7 weeks I earned 0.058 BNB. Remember the percentage yield you see, is what you would earn in one whole year. And that percent will fluctuate.

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Make sure to do your own research. I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, and is for entertainment purposes only.

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