VERSION 3! How to Easily Keep Track of Your Cryptocurrency Automatically!

1-17-18 UPDATE: VERSION 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED and has some improvements on this version. Check it out here:

This video covers an updated version of the coin portfolio tracker. Its Version 3 and has a major improvement to the gathering the data from coinmarketcap.


If you need to copy your coins from Version 2 to this version follow these steps:

1) Open both the new and old sheets at the same time and put them side by side.
2) Copy all of your coin rows from the old sheet to the new one all at once but save at least one of the example rows on the new sheet.
3) On the new sheet, select an example row range of cells that only have the new formulas by clicking a cell and dragging the mouse to highlight several rows at once.
4) Get the little tiny blue box in the lower right corner of the cell range you just slected to show up.
5) Hover over it until your mouse cursor turns into a black cross and then drag all of the cells down.

It will copy all the new formulas for you and you are done!

Make sure to watch the other videos on this tracker.

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