What are the largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the World? Binance, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Coinbase

Binance appreciates 1300% in 2021, outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum https://youtu.be/vbdj1s7wAuE
Easiest way to buy Crypto for Beginners: Centralized Exchanges https://youtu.be/uWXpMvjahVQ
Memecoins vs Pancakeswap https://youtu.be/yElrId1LGzU

What are the most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world?

So you want to start buying some crypto? Which exchange should you use?

Lets look at the most used crypto exchanges based on volume

Spot exchanges, or centralized exchanges, store your crypto for you, so you don’t need a separate crypto wallet

The Largest spot exchanges on Coinmarketcap lists
Binance number one, then Mandala Exchange, and third Coinflex

The largest spot exchanges per Coingecko are
Binance again number one, then OKex and next are Crypto.com and coinbase

I personally use binance.us, see my other videos for more details

In order to use decentralized exchanges, you have to use an online or physical crypto wallet
Some popular online wallets include metamask and binance

Largest decentralized exchanges per Coinmarket cap are
Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Dxdy

And per Coingecko
Uniswap first, then Pancakeswap and Spookyswap

I myself have tried out most of the above exchanges, and found binance and pancakeswap to be the easiest to use
I havent tried spookyswap on the Fantom network yet, although I want to try it out because i think the fantom network has a lot of potential

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