What is Crypto Yield Farming and is it Worth it in 2022?


What is Yield Farming and how does it work? Yield farming has been making headlines lately, and it seems to be on everybody’s radar, but what exactly is it? Well, in this BeInCrypto video, we will explore: how does Yield Farming work, discuss the yield farming risk and explain the easiest way to get started with Yield Farming today!

Yield farming 2022 has been an extremely hot topic, and its rise is due to Decentralised Finance. Yield Farming is a feature of DeFi, which allows liquidity pools where anyone can stake their assets to earn a passive income through interest. The interest comes from the trading fees imposed upon users who tap into these pools to make exchanges and they are distributed to every liquidity provider. In fact, this is not the only incentive when it comes to Yield farming, most pools will also offer additional incentives in the form of governance tokens. Watch the full video to see what they are and how they work!

If you’ve ever seen a Yield farming calculator, you will have noticed the insane returns provided by staking in these pools, it’s practically free money right?! So what’s the catch? The Yield Farming risk is certainly something to consider, as the potential for high rewards always comes with a chance of losing your money. Things like smart contract failure, scam or poor projects, impermanent loss, and a few others are the risks of Yield farming that you should be aware of. Don’t worry, we’ll explain these in greater detail in this video!

So congratulations, you’ve watched the video (well done!), you know what Yield Farming is, how it works and the risks involved and you want to get started. Great! At the end of the video, we will give you the easiest and safest Yield Farming tutorial using the Yield.App platform! Yield.App offers anywhere from 12% – 20% yearly returns on deposits, with minimal effort or risk for their users.

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