What is Digibyte? DGB Blockchain Explained | DGB coin

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00:00 Overview of Digibyte and DGB
00:55 UTXO – Unspent Transaction Output
1:54 Ethereum Virtual Machine
2:50 History of Digibyte
3:18 SEGWIT – Segregated Witness
4:15 The three Layers Sandwich
5:03 Digi-ID

In today’s video, we will look at the history and technology underpinning the Digibyte project, we will also explain UTXO, Segwit, and a lot more.

DigiByte is a well-known blockchain that was founded in late 2013 and published in early 2014. DigiByte has become one of the safest, quickest, longest blockchains, and most powerful UTXO blockchains after 7 years of forward-thinking development.
DigiByte has many of the same capabilities as other cryptocurrencies, allowing users to send and receive DGB tokens in irreversible and permissionless transactions anywhere over the world.
Additionally, the network’s software users can use its bespoke smart contract suite to create decentralized applications (dapps) for consumers.
The DigiByte blockchain is divided into numerous layers to achieve its lofty goals.

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