What is IOST Complete Guide For Beginner

IOST is a fast and proficient decentralized blockchain network & ecosystem with its own nodes and wallets. Its market cap (at the time of writing) is over $265 million.

IOST was founded by Jimmy Zhong, Kevin Tan, Justin Li, Sa Wang, Terrence Wang and Ray Xiao in January 2018. All of the founders are highly accomplished and it’s their extensive experience that has made IOSToken the success that it is today.

Its blockchain ecosystem is open-source & highly secure and scalable. Unlike most other blockchains, IOST’s consensus protocol is based on proof-of-believability.

0:00 Intro
0:14 What is IOStoken?
1:13 How is IOST blockchain different?
2:08 IOST coin
2:33 IOST work so far
3:45 Founders
4:06 Predictions
4:22 HUSD deployment
5:15 HUSD partnership
5:47 IOSToken performance
6:23 Outro

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