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My name’s Daniel Rose, and I’m the author of The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing. I’ve used YouTube advertising to drive over $214 million in revenue over the past ten years, for my own companies and for my clients. And I’ve helped thousands of students to build profitable YouTube ad campaigns as well.

If you want to build an online business with YouTube ads — or if you want to make money by running YouTube ads for clients — now I want to help you out too.

I just posted a FREE YOUTUBE ADS TRAINING where I teach you some of my most profitable ad management techniques. If you want to make money with YouTube ads, you need to see this:


In the video you’ll learn…

Why YouTube ads are the simplest, easiest way for normal people like us to make money online (see the proof for yourself.)

The 3 biggest YouTube advertising mistakes I’ve seen beginners make. You’re probably making at least one of these mistakes, and it’s costing you a ton of money! I’ll show you what the mistakes are, and exactly what to do instead to start making quick profits.

The 3 keys to building successful, cash-generating YouTube ad campaigns. Once you learn these three keys — and you have all three dialed in — your YouTube campaigns will take off like a rocket.

My #1 best ADVANCED ninja ad trick. If you’re experienced with YouTube ads, you are going to LOVE this one!

And finally, I’ll show you exactly how to scale YouTube advertising campaigns…FAST. I’ll first show you how making a profit on a small scale is simple. Then, I’ll show you my technique for “training” YouTube’s algorithms to scale that small profit into a huge profit.

Anyone who’s serious about learning YouTube ads needs to watch this video. And you can watch it completely free here:


Dan Rose
Author, The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing

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