Why did the Cryptocurrency Market dip again?

Why did the Cryptocurrency Market dip again?

0:00 Intro
1:07 CoinGecko
2:48 Blockchain Gamine is facing a TALENT SCARCITY?
5:00 3 Reasons for the Dip
06:37 HokkFi Trading
08:20 Sanshu Trading
09:40 Floki Trading
11:34 Saitama Trading
15:35 Kishu Trading
16:48 StarLink Trading
18:47 Kuma Trading
22:58 Boss Token Trading
24:10 The Rant

Hokkaidu Inu https://hokk.finance/
Sanshu Inu https://sanshuinu.finance/
Floki Inu https://theflokiinu.com/
Saitama Inu https://saitamatoken.com/
Kishu Inu https://kishu.com/
Kuma Inu https://kumatoken.com/
Boss Token https://bosstoken.com/
StarLink https://www.starltoken.com/
Bitcoin – https://bitcoin.org/en/
Ethereum – https://ethereum.org/en/
Cardano – https://cardano.org/
Solana – https://solana.com/

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